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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mad dash for 900 million in powerball cash. a k-9 shot in the line of duty, the latest. candidates start to plant deep roots in our crucial state. what cleveland suburb bernie sanders is flying his flag in would and did the browns choose? ? hi there. thanks for being with us on a saturday night. we can't say this very often it's a first in american history, and it's happening tonight. a lottery drawing that right now sits at $900 million and could hit a billion by the drawing
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we're live with powerball tickets going fast. >> good evening. we are at the shel l gas station. i want to show think line. take a look at this line. can i ask you real quick when is the last time you ever had to wait in a line at a gas station. >> too long. a long time. >> they're not waiting for a mega ball, we're talking about this $900 million powerball. i'm walking you up the line right now. trying to get inside. this line has been packed since we got here about 4:00. let's see if we can get inside the store and see a what people doing. it's just packed in here. look at this. you've got a line of folks all inside this gas station right now. everybody wants this $900 million. winners of the the top prize paid in 30 annual installments or as a one time
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you have 60 days to claim the money. the cash option is 558 million dollars. if no one matches all the numbers tonight the next drawing is expected to soar to $1.3 billion but folks say they don't need that much they just need the 900 million. >> hopefully i can take care move children and family, close family and friends so i can retire and not have to work again. >> i work at a hospital that needs help, i see a the lot of homeless people that need help. so i have a lot of people that need help. >> this gas station is popular. i want to show you why. i'm going to show you something. look at this. they actually had
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station that won $50,000 here on wednesday. now, a at 10:59 they'll make the final nounsment, that's when i'm going to find out if i won the money. 11. >> i wonder do they have signs that can fit that many zeros? >> that's a great question. amount. never been at a billion dollars so everyone is going to have to make a new sign. >> we'll have them for you on our news tonight. good luck to you and everybody. to stark county now, canton police k-9 shot early this morning during a burglary. the emergency clinic. we're told he was shot multiple times at local grocery store fisher foods. officers say he's doing better than they thought but he's not out of the woods yet.
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going up and down but it's from pain and the stress involved but he's sedated. the brain swelling does appear to be diminishing, which is incredible, but, you know, we got to see what the the long-term effects going to be. >> hopefully we have a picture of the dog in our video, if not has it. >> this happened after 1 a.m. when they got there they cone fronted a suspect and he opened fire and ran. they arrested him and no word on his condition or charges and we'll try to get you that picture here before too long. in akron investigators still work to go find the origins of human remains found on a sidewalk. the medical examiner has requested assistance from an expert. a skull and some bones discovered by a resident yesterday afternoon of neighbors shaken by the appearance of the
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another round of weekend protest outside the justice center today. the crowd of at least 25 or 30 as you can see continuing calls for action in the police involved shooting death of a 12-year old. a grand jury decided not the to indict the two officers in that shooting. protesters have popped up on a regular basis on that decision voicing concerns over that call by the grand jury. meantime a meeting between local clergy cancelled for the second time now. the decision comes after a meeting with congress women fudge. speaking of politics to the race for the white house now. the first presidential campaign office for any candidate in
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this is the office that opened today in lakewood. at least it's the grass-roots group supporting the it. local leaders among others supporters there all on hand for the grand jury opening on the west side. >> bernie sanders is the man for the people. he is standing up for all people. it's standing up for the working poor and the middle class of this country. >> we're told this office is staffed by volunteers. the office will be open to any sanders related events or meetings six days a week. ohio governor picking up another key endorsement the. portman says he choose him because he's someone who can get things done. he's praising the
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balancing federal budgets. they served together back in congress. the campaign he was shift to ohio this weekend. up next el chapo in custody but is he headed to the u.s.? and what's slowing the new star wars from being the biggest grossing movie of all time. and we have a big change coming. >> do we ever. we'll be tracking rain overnight and huge changes including multiple chances for snow. i've got the details coming up. and we're just a day away now from the goad den globes. a special edition of our news at 5 and a first look at the red carpet live at 6 before the stars start arriving at 7 and all the action starts at 8 right
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@ @ welcome back. @ to mexico where a drug @kingpin el chapo is backs in the @mexican prison where he escaped @six months ago. @mexico aims to @fulfill a request to extradite @him back to the u.s. to face @drug charges. @>> reporter: this is the prison @where el chapo was brought @overnight, the very same prison @that he escaped from six months @ago of the now, the big question @is when el chapo might be @extradited to the u.s. to face @drug charges in at least six @states. @a source with the @mexican attorney general's @office says that the country @aims to fulfill the u.s.'s @request for extra decision but @cautions that the process could
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@through the mexican legal system @and his lawyers file a series of @injunctions. @however, he was @arrested in an early morning @raid on friday in. @it was a @bloody shoot out. @six people @were killed, five suspects were @arrested and a mexican marine @was injured. @then el chapo was @transferred by helicopter to @mexico city where he was paraded @in front of cameras and the @attorney general says that it it @may have been a desire for the @spotlight that may have @ultimately lead to his capture @that authorities were able to @track him initially because he @reached out to producers and @actors to make a movie about @himself. @authorities continue @their investigation. @they
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@and grenade launchers. @ former nba star odem has @been transferred to a private @facility. @his family says he's @making remarkable strides in his @recovery. @he was found @unconscious back in october in a @brothel. @he had multiple drugs @in his system at the time. @ the record breaking star @wars has opened in china now but @it's far are from certain to @draw in enough to knock off @avatar. @the force awakens set a @box office record in this @country where it was released @three weeks ago but it still has @more than a billion dollars to @beat avatar. @ all right, it was of a @beautifully warm day and a night @in cleveland but some of this @stuff is making its way east. @the snow to follow isn't far @behind.
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@ @ well, the time i keep @thinking every month this is the @last time i'll see people in @shorts and flip flops and now @there's another warm up. @>> this one has a real clear @ending. @this is going to be a @forecast you have not seen yet @here this season. @folks, we've @got real winter on the way. @i @know it's a shocker but finally @cloudy skies tonight. @all the @rain staying away. @so if you've @got evening plans no worries, @and temperatures will remain @mild. @50 degrees downtown right @now.
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@either with winds and those @clouds our temperatures will @likely hover where they are if @not even come up. @places south @of cleveland that are in the @mid-40s now you may come up @close tore 50 degrees as we go @through the overnight hours. @look what happens sunday morning @into the afternoon. @frontal @system moves by and the the @winds pick up out of the west @and northwest at the 25 to @35 miles an hour, all while @temperatures fall out of the 40s @into the 20s. @so a real shock @to the system tomorrow @afternoon. @tonight looking @good. @50s to the upper 40s, @cloudy skies rain stays away @before midnight. @as we look out @to the rest of the country cold @air back to the west and @northwest of us. @that cold air @are already interacting with an @area of low pressure near @chicago. @look at the show @falling down into portions of @central illinois. @now, this @area is shifting up to the
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@much from it other than some of @the showers later on tonight. @it's the second area of low @pressure down moored memphis. @this one is just developing as @it cranks up and heads a little @bit farther to the the east. @tomorrow that's the one that @we're watching for first rain @and then cold air to change that @rain to snow. @and there's @plenty of it. @this is our first @shot. @it arrives tomorrow into @monday. @shot number 2, look at @the whites up here northeastern @canada, this arrives monday @night into tuesday and will be @the coldest air we've seen since @last february. @that could @really get the lakes going in @terms of lake effect snow @tuesday night into wednesday. @a @busy forecast for sure over the @next several days. @40s to 50s @this evening no rain. @then the @rain moves in. @you wake up @tomorrow temperatures in the @40s. @heavy rainfall in some @spots and then in the
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@start to change. @by 11 o'clock @the rain changes to snow to the @west. @temperatures in the 30s @towards springdale. @as we go @through the morning hours @temperatures fall into the 30s @everywhere. @about 1:30 everyone @changes to snow. @temperatures @in the mid-to low 30s. @by 3:30 @the snow comes to an end and @temperatures fall to the 20s. @if you're worried about monday @morning it looks fine right now @but there may be some bands in @the primary snowbelt locations @to the east of cleveland. @this @is not a big event. @but @generally one to two inches with @some places approaching 3 inches @with the heavier amounts farther @north closer to the lake. @all @right take a look at this window @nation extended forecast, and i @want you to focus on the numbers @here. @tuesday 20s with another @shot of snow, one to three @inches. @9 wednesday morning
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@we'll have to watch this @forecast. @too early to tell. @another single digit low in @ @cleveland on thursday. @that @means some places south of @cleveland may see low @temperatures close tore zero as @we move into wednesday. @>> every temperature is a @powerball number. @>> we're not going to see any @powerball numbers in that @extended forecast for at least @the next couple of weeks. @ coming up the browns with @another coaching candidate
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@ @ hi, everyone, a lot of most @moving parts on day four the @browns search and another @interview. @they introduced @defensive coordinator patricia @today. @he's the 5th candidate @to interview. @he was @responsible for leading one of @football's best defense this is @season and the feeling weeks ago @is that he was finally going to @get the a shot to be a head @coach, at least get some @interviews. @he's been with new @england since 2004. @he's 41 and @an intelligent guy. @it hasn't
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@ cross adam gates off the @list. @he was the first @interview but he's not coming to @cleveland. @he greed to become @the new head coach of the @dolphins today. @gates will have @the final say over the 53 man @roster clearly something he @would not get here with the @browns. @>> it's an accelerate growth. @this business, you know, age is @only a number but you get older @really quick because every week @is a growing experience, you @learn. @and i feel like the last @three years have really pre a @paired me for this moment. @>> it looks like you can scratch @henderson's name off the list. @a report has him joining gates @in miami. @tomorrow is a busy @day on the browns's schedule.
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@the he's also meeting with tampa @pay. @bengals offensive @coordinator are will interview @on sunday with the browns as @well but the 49ers also hot on @them. @marone interviewed with @the the browns on thursday. @the @assistant coach is scheduled to @meet with the giants. @they are @now one of 6 teams that needs a @new head coach. @the cavs @perfect on their current six @game road trip so far. @two @wins. @they go for a third @tomorrow. @another big win @winning in minnesota by 26. @they're really rolling right @now. @they have the best record @in the east at 25 and 9. if @they continue to get this @offense to go along with the @defense they've had all season @long, look out everybody. @this @is how hot the offense has been.
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@a 20 point victory in three of @their last four games and @they're ten and 0 this season @when shooting five hundred or @better. @college hoops cleveland @state, breaking down the final @three seconds a chance to tie, @passes up the three pointer and @turns it over. @can't get the @shot. @he convicted kings lose. @let's finish with the u.s. army @ @all american bowl today. @and @who's taking part our guy on his @way to ohio state, mccall. @big @runs back to back in the red @zone setting up a touchdown. @he @led all rushers at the half. @led the east overall with 33 but @his team didn't do so well as @the west wins 37 to 9. @>> the gates case the browns
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@that we aren't a compelling @place to work? @>> well he wanted final say over @the 53, he would not get that @here. @>> okay. @>> that's one thing. @>> and we're running out of @time. @there's other reasons. @obviously the browns didn't go @ @after him as hard as they maybe @would have if they would have @wanted. @>> thank you for being with us. @we'll see you back here at 11.
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